Regional Soils Laboratory



  • To be involved in the formulation of agricultural policies, guidelines and regulations on matters related to sustainable soil management.
  • To coordinate with BSWM regarding soil health assessment (soil mapping) and other priority programs that will enhance laboratory services and competency of the staff.
  • To provide soil laboratory service support to DA programs and divisions with respect to soil chemical, physical analyses, RST, fertilizer analysis, balance fertilization, mushroom spawn production, Trichoderma harzianum production through biological production unit.
  • To participate in Professional Testing (PT) in local and internationally recognized laboratories with utmost traceability and accountability.
  • To continue the advocacy on soil conservation and rehabilitation through tree planting activity, prudent use of fertilizer and info caravan.
  • To engage LGUs and farming communities through agri-clinic or techno employing Rapid Soil Test (RST) with fertilizer recommendation.
  • To provide technical advice and consultations to farmers and fisher folk on the interpretation of laboratory results to improve their product.


  • Provide Soil analysis both Chemical and Physical services to various agricultural clienteles.
  • Conduct soil analysis to come up with recommended farming applications.
  • Production of microbiological agents and soil inoculants.
  • Conduct on-site Soil Analysis (Agri-clinic) through Rapid Soil Testing in coordination with the LGUs.
  • Provide technical support services to farmers/ researchers/ students/ entrepreneurs/ LGU’s through training on the production of mushrooms in coordination with the Research Division.
  • Update Soil Fertility and Crop Suitability Mapping within Zamboanga Peninsula.
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