LGU Subsidize Palay Buying Price in Zamboanga City

Rice farmers excite over a 5 peso increase in current buying price of Palay, thanks to the subsidy program of the Zamboanga City local government.
The Office of the City Agriculture confirms an additional five peso is given to the current โ‚ฑ19/kilo National Food Authority (NFA) buying price putting up to a total of P24/kilo trade for farmers when selling to the NFA.
Zamboanga City Mayor John Dalipe said the local government has allotted at least P10 Million Pesos for the NFA 9 to empower procurement of local palay, benefitting local farmers, some vastly affected by calamities late last year.
Jover Casimiro, President of the Guisao-Cabaluay Farmers and Irrigators Association says โ€œfarmers go through a lot. The increase will be a big help to farmers who struggle to only plant hybrid or recourse to innovative planting, on top of climate change challenges.โ€
โ€œWe spend โ‚ฑ38,000 to over โ‚ฑ40 thousand for one-hectare field. If we plant hybrid, it even costs more. DA provides the seeds, but we also put-up expenses to manage palay growth.โ€
Currently, the Office of the City Agriculturist (OCA) is finalizing the draft Memorandum of Agreement for the City and NFA. The OCA will also provide the master list of Zamboanga City rice farmers to NFA.# (DA9)

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