The Department of Agriculture’s Agri-Pinoy Corn Program aims to increase production of quality corn and also cassava for human consumption, feeds and industrial uses, as well as empower the farmers and increase their income, thereby improving their quality of life.
Overall strategy is to fast track the expansion of hybrid corn, cassava and other feed crops production to achieve food and feed self-sufficiency, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic livestock and poultry sectors through cheaper feed inputs as well as generate jobs in rural communities.


White Corn Seed Production and Exchange Subsidy
Production and distribution of quality registered and certified open-pollinated variety (OPV) corn seeds under counterpart arrangement with LGUs to farmers practicing coconut-corn intercrop and those in the uplands whose main staple is white corn grits.

Support to Cassava Production
Provision of high-yielding varieties of cassava seed pieces in support to contract growing arrangement between farmers and processors/end-users and distribution of post-harvest facilities under counterpart-funding arrangement.

Organic-based agriculture program
Establishment of Mixing Plants and Organic Fertilizer Production Centers and promotion on the use of Bio-N and organic fertilizer in partnership with LGUs,
Techno demos and distribution of lime/dolomite to farmer- cooperatives to correct soil acidity in the farm clusters,
Soil fertility mapping and sampling undertaken by the DA Regional Field Units (DA-RFUs) and the Bureau of Soils and Water Management,
AgriKalikasan Program promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Farm Mechanization and Tractor Pool Program
Provision for farm tractors and implements (plow and other attachments, mechanical planters) under counterpart arrangements with LGUs, farmer-organizations and service providers.

Rehabilitation Assistance
Provision of production inputs, such as quality hybrid and OPV seeds and microbial innoculant, to assist farmers who are victims of natural calamities such as drought, typhoons, and floods to recover their losses.


Small Farmer Irrigated Corn Production Program
Provision and construction of shallow tube wells (STWs) under counterpart arrangement with LGUs and farmer-organizations for pilot irrigated corn cluster wide projects.


Installation of Post-harvest processing and Trading Centers, Village type driers, corn mill, hammer mill, hermetic cocoon, cassava chippers, granulators and graters and other post harvest equipment under counterpart arrangement with LGUs, farmer-organizations and service providers.
Provision of technical assistance and evaluation and monitoring of LGU-based post harvest facilities by PHilMech.


DA continuously re-educates and establishes mechanisms to capacitate Agriculture Extension Workers in communicating the latest technologies to farmer-clientele.

Farmer Education Program
Training of Trainers’ (TOTs) Courses for LGU-based extension personnel, including curriculum development, through Agricultural Training Institute
Corn Cluster/IPM Farmer Field Schools (FFSs)


Corn Standards Development and Promotion Program
To develop and implement a classification and grading standards for the marketing of white and yellow corn grains thru the joint efforts of the BAFPS and NFA.

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