The High Value Crops Development Program is one of the banner programs of the Department of Agriculture created to help address food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable growth. It helps to promote the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops. Strategically, HVCDP helps to increase income, create livelihood opportunity and contribute to national agricultural development of the Philippines.
In support to the Department of Agriculture’s target to attain food security and self sufficiency in the Philippines was created to help address poverty and sustain growth in agricultural economy of the country.

Help increase income, to create livelihood opportunity and to contribute with the Philippines’ agricultural development

Support the promotion of the production, processing and marketing and distribution of high value crops

To have a productive farming community

Empower the farmers especially the high value crops producers
Attain food sufficiency and economic growth

Increase production, income and livelihood opportunities among small producers
Have access on affordable, safe and healthy food

Objectives and Key Result Areas
- Facilitate and harmonize development intervention in the strategic production areas/ zones
Building strong coordination and partnership with DA-attached agencies, producers, LGUs, NGOs, and other major stakeholders in crafting local high value crops development agenda
By supporting to local priorities

- Delivery of appropriate development support services
Support to participatory technology development and promotion activities
Support to the advancement of sustainable farming technology
Support to the advancement of efficiency level of farm operation and management
Support to the establishment of postharvest facilities, value adding and product development initiatives
Support to both local and national research and development agenda

- Facilitate and promote access to local and international market
Support to farmers’ competitiveness enhancement activities
Facilitate investment opportunities to highly viable project initiatives
Support to product development, matching and promotion activities both alocal and international market

- Proactive management actions on demand and supply situation
Support the full utilization of local and indigenous crop species with net potential
Provide coordination and support consumer awareness program
Support food safety and data information system

LAND - Productive and Healthy Soil
Small Producer – Organized, interested and competent, Farming communities
Support System – Appropriate Technology, functional support services and structure
LEGAL/POLICY – Enabling environment for Production and Competition

Targets Service Areas

Convergence Areas – areas identified by the convergence initiatives of the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) , and Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Strategic Production Zones – key production areas in the country with a significant contribution to overall gross regional production and areas/ zones in which agro-climatic condition is conducive to production.

Farm Households – include backyard farms and areas which are not more than 5 has (for fruits and plantation crops) and less than 1 ha (for vegetables).

Priority Commodities

Industrial Crops


Regional Priority Commodities

Alternative Staple

All projects are proposal based. Interested parties must submit a project proposal which is also subject to evaluation and approval. The agenda should be consistent with the promotion of priority commodities and emphasize on strengthening of local and regional partners in the development and implementation of the project.

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