The Philippine ORGANIC ACT of 2010.

RA 10068 -signed on 6 April 2010 -published on 18 June 2010
IMPLEMENTING RULES & REGULATIONS NOAB (created under EO 481) approved on 04 Oct 2010 -Published in Phil. Daily Inquirer and The Daily Tribune on 21 March 2011

What is Organic Agriculture?

-Is a production system that sustain the health of soils, ecosystem and people.

-It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the used of inputs with adverse effects.

-Organic combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.


…at least 5% of total agriculture areas devoted to organic farming;

…Philippine organic products are commercially supported locally and internationally

a) Policy formulation on regulation, registration, accreditation, certification, labelling;
b) Research, development and extension;
c) Promotion and encouragement of the establishment of facilities, equipment and processing plants;
d) Implementation of organic agriculture programs and activities

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