1. Research and Developmen

2. Biocontrol Agent Production and Field Distribution

          a. Conduct Rice Research Study on Philippine Rice Information System (PRISM)

          b. Conduct Applied Research on Field Utilization and Mutli-location trial of Carrageenan as Growth Promoter and inducer of Resistance to Pest and Diseases in                Zamboanga del Sur. 

          c. Conduct Survey and Early Warning of cassava Arthropod Pests & Disease  in Zamboanga del Sur.

                           a. Trichogramma evanescens

                           b. Trigogramma japonicum

                           c. Metarhizium anisoplae

                           d. Chilocorus Nigrita & Telsimia nitida

3. Rice Seed Production

4. Field Verification and Validation of Pest Damage to eight (8) Major Crops

5. Conduct Farmers Awareness on the Management of Pests & Disease of different crops

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