More opportunities are now open and dramatically improves the economic activities of over 400 households directly benefiting from the completed concreting of farm-to-market road (FMR) in Buug municipality.
Even before its completion last September 22 and official turnover to MLGU of Buug, on September 30, some 2,406 residents of Barangays Bawang and Pamintayan were already enjoying the advantages of having a concretely paved road.
“Nowadays, we are happy because we no longer spend even five centavos since copra buyers would come over to our place,” 82 years old Alim Ampuan declares as he recalls their living condition in Barangay Pamintayan before was so difficult. “Apart from me who is already in twilight years, my children and grandchildren are so happy of the good road we have now…. Till death, I won’t forget the government’s assistance to us,” Ustadz Ampuan states sentimentally.

Dr. Darwin Lloyd Sulay, Regional Livestock Coordinator discussed the importance and side effects of deworming and led the distribution of animal vitamins during the Livestock Outreach Program held in Rebokon, Dumalinao Zamboanga del Sur; Dumpilas, Siayan, Zamboang del Norte and Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay on September 20-22, 2016 respectively.

Livestock farmersfrom remote areas of Zamboanga Peninsula (ZamPen)took along with them their cattle, carabaos and goats for a free animal treatmentduring the recent Livestock Outreach Programheld in Rebokon, Dumalinao, Zamboangadel Sur; Dumpilas, Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte and Kabasalan, ZamboangaSibugay. The said activity was spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture through its Information Section, in coordination with the Provincial Veterinary Office. Identifiedmunicipalities are reporteddepressed and severely affected by livestock internal parasites.

1. FY 2015

    - Rice

    - Corn

    - HVCDP

    - Livestock

    - OAP

    - BUB

    - GASS

    - STO

    - VSS


A. 2015 Programs, Projects

B. 2015 Beneficiaries

    1. Rice

    2. Corn

    3. HVCDP

    4. Livestock

    5. OAP

    6. VSS

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