Dr. Darwin Lloyd Sulay, Regional Livestock Coordinator discussed the importance and side effects of deworming and led the distribution of animal vitamins during the Livestock Outreach Program held in Rebokon, Dumalinao Zamboanga del Sur; Dumpilas, Siayan, Zamboang del Norte and Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay on September 20-22, 2016 respectively.

Livestock farmersfrom remote areas of Zamboanga Peninsula (ZamPen)took along with them their cattle, carabaos and goats for a free animal treatmentduring the recent Livestock Outreach Programheld in Rebokon, Dumalinao, Zamboangadel Sur; Dumpilas, Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte and Kabasalan, ZamboangaSibugay. The said activity was spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture through its Information Section, in coordination with the Provincial Veterinary Office. Identifiedmunicipalities are reporteddepressed and severely affected by livestock internal parasites.
Director Constancio G. Alama, who was present in Kabasalan said "deworming will keep our animalshealthy and productive resulting to higher income for the livestock raisers."
Regional Livestock Coordinator, Dr. Darwin Lloyd Sulay said, “we will continually reach out to farmers in need of our assistance in the livestock sector. Raising animals is like having a piggy bank in the family. That is why we are here to see to it that you manage your “bank” properly.
Before administration of vitamins, deworming, and other animal health care activities, Dr. Sulay explained the procedure to the livestock owners. He also answered other related queries from the farmers.
Along with the outreach's activity is the distribution of livestock Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to farmers, led by the Regional Information Officer, Maria Melba B. Wee.
A total of 146 cattle, 109 carabaos and 24 goatswere dewormed and given vitamins,while 21 dogs were vaccinated with anti-rabies during thethre-day outreach program.(#JRodriguez,DA9)

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