In light of the National Women’s Month celebration, the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office IX (DA9) initiated a 4-day trade exposition dubbed as ‘Tienda-Tienda’ which will run from March 21 to 24 along Rizal Street (fronting RedCross), this city.

Eight (8) local traders participated in the said event showcasing their authentic products such as bagon gata, baulo, peanuts, peanut brittle, calamansi juice, banana crackers and alfajor, naturally grown crops like coconuts, watermelons, bananas, assorted fruits; black and brown rice, to include the organic vermicast fertilizer.

“It’s a nice program because we (local traders) are being established especially those with new products that are still to be recognized by the public”, said Kuraiz Camlian, one of the exhibitors.

Intended to support the timely Women’s Month celebration, a number of female traders were also noted during the activity.

Susana Cordova of the Pasobolong Working Women Association shares, “This is the time for us (women) to show that we don’t just have the skills for household chores but we also possess entrepreneurial skills, we can also earn money on our own”.

On its jump-starting stage, Tienda-Tienda is a project of DA IX’s Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) aimed at supporting local traders and producers and promoting their products to the market.

The ‘TienDA’ concept is one of the latest marketing initiative of the DA-AMAD which allows farmers and producers to display and sell their crops/ products at a space provided by DA for free. The initiative aims to establish a direct trading for farmers and fisherfolk. This was first launched on July 28, 2017 at BPI compound in Metro Manila and since has been replicated all over the regions.# (DReyes,DA9)

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